Thursday, July 9, 2015

Song Of The Sea (2014)

With Song Of the Sea finally arriving in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on July 10th, we're reposting our review of this fantastic film!

Winding through a landscape populated with fairies, giants turned to stone, selkies and painfully grounded humans, Song of the Sea delights in blurring the lines between the commonplace and fantastical. Following studio Cartoon Saloon’s Oscar nominated d├ębut Secret of Kells, director Tomm Moore’s second film with his team at Cartoon Saloon is an altogether more personal piece. He has returned to the rich history of Celtic folklore, and found it lurking in the cracks of a broken family.

Part folk tale, part family drama, the story is refreshingly simple. Ben (David Rawle) lives with widowed father Conor (Brendan Gleeson) and mute little sister Saoirse in a lighthouse. Ben prefers the simple companionship of his sheepdog Cu to Saoirse, for whom in a complicated ball of emotion, he blames for the loss of their mother. He clings to the vague, magical memories of her songs and stories as comfort from the cold reception from his dad. When curt and stubborn Grandma (Fionnula Flanagan) arrives, she knows there is only one way to fix the family: take the children to Dublin, leaving Conor, and Ben’s beloved Cu behind, to recuperate. The night before their departure, however, Saoirse stumbles across hidden corners in their old lighthouse, where old family secrets lie awaiting discovery

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