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Are you a passionate animation fan with a flare for writing? A visual artist looking to share your love for the craft? A Youtube creator wanting to create a series based around animation or an animator looking for a place your work will be seen? AFA is currently looking for enthusiastic, passionate contributors to help our site grow and become a haven for animators and animation fans alike. If this appeals to you then read on!

Here's what you need to know:


All you need is a passion for the subject and a decent grasp of the English language. Do you know your “there” from your “they're” and your “your” from your “you're”? No experience is necessary, but familiarity with the Blogger platform is a plus. Don't worry if you're new to blogging though – we can teach you. Everyone has to start somewhere! Writers who can contribute on a weekly basis are preferred but we know it's not always possible and we'll make exceptions for excellent writers! One time contributions and guest posts are welcome too! If any of this interests you, send us samples of your writing (if you don't have anything published then write some sample posts).

  • Currently looking for Reporters to assist with covering daily/weekly animation news. From scanning the web for the latest big scoops to writing at least 200 words per article. Perferrably 2 to 3 posts a week but we are willing to accommodate folks with hectic schedules. These contributors are not excluded from writing other articles such as opinion pieces or the more popular reviews, but news will be the primary focus.

  • We are also looking for anyone who would be willing to assist us with writing Reviews for newly released animated content (this would include feature films, shorts, television, video games, etc). While recent releases will take priority, you are also more than welcome to approach us to do a review on an older topic if you wish. Just remember to keep the focus on where these films stand in the world of animation. What does it do well? What does it do poorly? Is it visually interesting? Who worked on it and so on. Even a "bad" film can be worth talking about if it does something that no other animated film has dared to do before. Please keep this in mind as you decide on what to write. We will be more than happy to work with you to help flesh out your idea. 

(Video Creators & Animators)

When it comes to visual media, the challenge for creators to find a place to share their passion and talent on the internet can be immense. Our goal for AFA, as it grows, is to become a central hub for animated media (which would include video reviews, discussions, animation tutorials, or even animated shorts), but in order to meet that long term goal, we need contributors with a talent for video recording and editing to join our crack team. Got an idea for a series you'd think would be at home on our Youtube page? Feel free to email us and tell us about your idea. Providing samples of your previous work is a must!

(Guest Contributors)

If you are interested in doing, an article, video or animation but don't want to commit full time to the site, you are more than welcome to do guest contributions. Just email us your idea of what you would like to do and if it looks like a good fit for the site, we'll make sure it gets published.

Please Note: All positions are currently voluntary. Our hope is that with the creation of our Patreon page, that this will eventually change and we will be able to offer our loyal contributors both added perks and eventually compensation. Help us make the site grow and who knows? Contributors are welcome from anywhere around the world. If you happen to be based in or near a major city though, opportunities for free screenings and events are a possibility. Applicants must be 18 or older. Interested? Then get in touch! Drop us a line at If you have any questions or concerns you can email us or get in touch via our twitter or facebook page.

Yours Animatedly,

Chris Perkins and Rachael Ward
- Co-Owners and Editors