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Review Policy

Our Review Policy 

AFA aims to produce fair and independent reviews, and try and stay spoiler free (unless noted otherwise). We'll consider any relevant material sent to us review (Films, TV series, Books etc). We have writers based both in the United States and the United Kingdom. Publishers/ Publicity Agencies/Distributors etc- Please Contact us for details. All reviews and opinions expressed are the reviewer's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire team

 The Following Scores apply to Film and TV Series Only:



Any film or TV Series with this score is at the very apex of the medium and is required viewing for anyone who calls themselves an animation fan. 



Any film or TV Series with this score is up there with the best and worth adding to your collection.



Any film or TV Series with this score may not be perfect, but still comes recommended.



Any film or TV Series with this score doesn't quite come up to snuff. It may still have its moments or may be worth watching for fans of the particular artist or genre. Maybe worth renting or streaming... just about.



Any film or TV Series with this score is not worth your time in any capacity. Avoid.

We award the best of the best with the AFA Classic, our seal of the highest quality. All Five-Star Films or series qualify for the honour, as well as some of our favourite Four Stars.

Review Index

Here you can find our list of every title we have reviewed on AFA, including movies, series, specials and mini-series, as well as video games, books, comics, live-action films and documentaries- or you can sort by films or series. The list is arranged alphabetically by default, but you can use the drop down menu below to sort by date of publication. Index not loading? You can also view our plain text version here.

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