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Welcome to AFA: Animation For Adults!

What exactly is AFA, you ask? This is a site dedicated to the appreciation of the art of animation in all its forms, everything from the big-budget films (Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks) to old-school stop-motion, CGI and hand-drawn, from anime to web and independent animation, we cover it all.

Our Mission: It is our firm belief here at AFA that animation is a medium and not a genre. That it deserves as much respect as any other art form. That the people who spend months, years, even decades of their lives to bring these creations to life deserve respect and acknowledged for the work they do. But most importantly, that good animation is capable of challenging viewers as well as entertaining them. Not just for kids, but people of all ages.

We are a site for animation aficionados who enjoy all aspects of the medium - not just animation made for adults (such as Archer, South Park, Family Guy, etc). Expect us to write about the movies and series that we grew up with and stand out animation for kids/young adults. No matter the original target audience, good animation (and even bad animation) deserves to be addressed and discussed in order to push the medium to new heights.

AFA is brought to you by a team of passionate writers and contributors from around the world- some of whom work in the industry- but first and foremost we're all fans like you. We bring you the latest news from around the world, reviews (of both new releases and older titles), articles and more- plus a podcast too.

We think that equal coverage should be given no matter where the animation was made. Most mainstream animation sites treat all anime and foreign animation other than Ghibli as a poor relation (or ignore it all together). Most anime sites don't cover animation from countries outside Japan at all. We aim to give it all equal billing.

Also expect some coverage of the related arts- comics/manga, some live-action cinema and occasionally videogames, but our main focus will always be their respective ties to animation.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you'll stick around!

Chris Perkins and Rachael Ward
- Co-Owners and Editors


Video games and animation are two mediums that have always walked hand in hand with each other. From simplistic sprites to full motion capture, the animation used to create new interactive experiences has come a LONG way in the past several decades. As fans of all type of animation and its purpose as a medium it would be a mistake to overlook the profound impact video games have had on the art of animation. As such, we hope you enjoy our newest addition to the website, AFA Gaming!

Join us as we look back on old favorites in Retro reviews, news updates on exceptional newcomers to the video game scene and everything inbetween. Keep in mind, unlike other video game websites, AFA Gaming will be focussing more on the artistry in video games - both in the animation and in the storytelling. We recognize gameplay is important to get right, and we intend to make sure our readers know of a game's shortcomings. However, as long as the game attempts to deliver a unique experience through visual design or narrative execution, we feel they deserve to be discussed. This can include, Triple A games, indie and maybe even a few tie-ins with animated properties. We will also be taking a look at the emerging field of VR, and investigate the exciting new experiences it can bring.

-Rachael Ward
- Editor, AFA Gaming