Thursday, July 9, 2015

The AFA Podcast Episode 2

For our second podcast we were a Dan down so Chris, Rachael and Yvonne were joined by the talented animator and illustrator Michael Collin. Michael recently attended the Animation Lab at the Edinburgh International Film Festival where he met our very own Yvonne!

Michael and Yvonne talk about their experiences at the Lab for our main discussion, but before that there was plenty of our usual discussion about the world of animation!

If you've got any questions or contributions for future shows- or if you even think you'd be a good guest don't hesitate to get in touch.

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  • Start -1:30 introductions:
  • 1.30- Listener Questions
  • 29:00-1.00   News
  • 1.00- 1:33   What we've watched
  • 1:33- 2.05    Edinburgh International Film Festival Animation Lab
  • 2.05-2.08    End + Bonus


Barry Purves

Adam Elliot

Lavatory Love Story

Simon’s Cat

The Pearce Sisters

Old Fangs

Wife of Bath

Fresh Cut Grass (Trailer)

Madame Tutli-Putli (Not actually mentioned, but thrown in for good measure.)

2015 EIFF Animation Lab Participants (18 total)

Ali Charmi

Amy Morris
Winding Snake Productions

Anna Glowik
Grupa Smacznego Animation Studio

Cat Bruce

Garry Marshall
Super Umami

Helen Gladders
Stephanie Blakely
Writer – Director
The Last Resort (trailer)

Holly-May Ward
Director – Animator

James Rodgers
Lunar Animation

Michael Collin
Writer – Director – Animator

Nadia Hussein

Rob Zywietz
Writer – Director
PORT NASTY (trailer)

Selina Wagner

Simon Cartwright
Writer – Director

Steve Warne
Writer – Director – Animator

Steven Fraser
Writer – Director

Sundeep Toor

Yvonne Grzenkowicz
Animator – Director
eyesnare inc

Edinburgh International Film Festival
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