Thursday, November 19, 2015

The AFA Podcast Episode 19

This week we had so much stuff to talk about, we didn't even need an overall topic! Yvonne joins us briefly to update us on Animation Nights New York, and then Chris, Dan and Rachael get into a range of animation topics!

This week's news includes new details on Tomm Moore's Wolf Walkers, as well as the trailers for Finding Dory and Boy and The World. Then it's time to talk what we've been watching, including this week Whisper Of The Heat, Kill La Kill, Gravity Falls and Transformers the Movie.

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0:00- 0:15     Intro/ Animation Nights NY
0:17-1:30     ANIMATION NEWS : Wolf Walkers, Finding Dory Trailer, Boy and the World, Sing
1;30- 2:09     What We've Watched
2:09- 2:28      IMDB's Best Animated Series



Wolf Walkers

Finding Dory trailer

Boy and The World Trailer

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