Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Annecy 2016 Awards 'My Life as A Courgette', 'The Girl Without Hands' and more

Last weekend saw the International Annecy Animation festival come to a close. Before everyone headed home though, it was time to hand out the awards. French/Swiss stop-motion My Life As A Courgette was the big winner of this year, taking home both the coveted Cristal For A Feature Film and the Audience Award.  The unique feature The Girl Without Hands- which has been acquired for North American release by GKIDS- was awarded the Jury Distinction Award.

Elsewhere, in the Shorts category,  The Cristal went to The Head Vanishes and the Jury Award went to Blind Vaysha. In Television UK-made special The Stick Man took home the Cristal For A TV production.  La Rentrée des classes (Back To School, which is a follow up of sorts to A Town Called Panic) won the TV Production Jury Award.

Simon Rouby's Adama- which won a work-in-progress award in 2014 but missed out in the feature category last year- appeared in its third successive year, this time winning the André-Martin Award for a 2015 French Feature Film.

For the full list of winners see below:

  • Cristal For A Feature Film: My Life As A Courgette
  • Jury Distinction (Feature): The Girl Without Hands
  • Audience Award (Feature): My Life As A Courgette.
  • Cristal For A Short Film: The Head Vanishes
  • Jury Award (Short Film): Blind Vaysha
  • Jean-Luc Xiberras Award for a First Film (Short) : An Ordinary Blue Monday
  • Jury Distinction (Short Film): Moms On Fire
  • Jury Distinction (Short Film):  The Relection Of Power
  • Audience Award (Short Film) : Peripheria
  • Off- Limits Award (Short Film): 4min15 au révélateur
  • Cristal For A TV Film: Stick Man
  • Jury Award For A TV Special: Back To School
  • Jury Award For A TV Series: Lili "Lili Loves Food"
  • Cristal For A Commissioned Film: The New York Times "Modern Love - A Kiss, Deferred"
  • Jury Award:  Awesome Beetle's Colors.
  • Cristal For A Graduation Film:  Depart At 22
  • Jury Award (Graduation Film):  Balkon
  • Jury Distinction (Graduation Film): Frakfurter Str.  99a
  • André-Martin Award for a 2015 French Feature Film.: Adama
  • FIPRESCI Award: How Long, Not Long
  • Junior Jury Award For A Short Film: Blind Vaysha
  •  In partnership with Lumières Numériques & Pilon Cinéma: Moms On Fire
  • André-Martin Award for a French Short Film: Peripheria
  • Junior Jury Award For A Short film: The Alan Dimension
  • CANAL+ Creative Aid Award for a Short Film: 3/4 Oz
  • Best Original Music Award For A Short Film: Beast!
  •  In partnership with Lumières Numériques & Pilon Cinéma: Decorado
  • Gan Foundation award For Distribution: White Fang
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