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Welcome to AFA: Animation For Adults!

What exactly is AFA, you ask? This is a site dedicated to the appreciation of the art of animation in all its forms, everything from the big-budget films (Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks) to old-school stop-motion, CGI and hand-drawn, from anime to web and independent animation, we cover it all.

Our Mission: It is our firm belief here at AFA that animation is a medium and not a genre. That it deserves as much respect as any other art form. That the people who spend months, years, even decades of their lives to bring these creations to life deserve respect and acknowledged for the work they do. But most importantly, that good animation is capable of challenging viewers as well as entertaining them. Not just for kids, but people of all ages.

We are a site for animation aficionados who enjoy all aspects of the medium - not just animation made for adults (such as Archer, South Park, Family Guy, etc). Expect us to write about the movies and series that we grew up with and stand out animation for kids/young adults. No matter the original target audience, good animation (and even bad animation) deserves to be addressed and discussed in order to push the medium to new heights.

AFA is brought to you by a team of passionate writers and contributors from around the world- some of whom work in the industry- but first and foremost we're all fans like you. We bring you the latest news, reviews, articles and more- plus a weekly podcast too.

We think that equal coverage should be given no matter where the animation was made. Most mainstream animation sites treat all anime and foreign animation other than Ghibli as a poor relation (or ignore it all together). Most anime sites don't cover animation from countries outside Japan at all. We aim to give it all equal billing.

Also expect some coverage of the related arts- comics/manga, some live-action cinema and occasionally videogames, but our main focus will always be their respective ties to animation.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you'll stick around!

Chris Perkins and Rachael Ward
- Co-Owners and Editors


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is a freelance writer from the UKand the editor and founder of AFA.  A life-long lover of animation in all its forms, he got started writing for a number of UK-based anime sites before becoming a regular contributor to MyM Magazine. He can also found contributing to sites including NerdSpanThe Void and Anime Limited. Follow him on twitter.

 is a English film studies graduate with a passion for writing and storytelling and is the US Editor of AFA. Currently working part time while looking to apply to graduate school with a focus on Communication. Looking to make a career in Public Relations. Animation has always been a subject of fascination since she was young and Rachael is always looking to see how animators will push the envelope in order to bring stories to life for people of all ages. Check out her video game reviews on GotGame.com and follow her on Twitter

I am a pediatric ER nurse, biology major, writer, scientist, animation enthusiast, film critic, reader, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, geek, nerd, dork, member of Dumbledore's army, shieldmaiden, and gamer. Follow her on twitter and Tumblr

Social media manager for AFA. A huge fan of animation. Aspiring to be become a publicist. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr  

is a writer and animation artist from the UK. Follow him on twitter.

is a nomadic blogger with a Master's in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. Currently based in Kolkata, India, she loves travelling, reading, and watching movies from non-Western countries. You can find her writing reviews of international books and movies on her blog  (and advocating for cultural exploration on twitter.

J.J. Evangelista [WRITER] 
has always always been an avid fan of animation. "I grew watching Saturday morning cartoons, waking up in the wee hours just to catch my favorite episodes.
Some of my fondest memories are of going to the movies and seeing Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin for the first time. Yes, I'd seen other movies before, but these are the animated films that had a lasting effect on me. Disney, Looney Tunes, DiC Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera, Rankin-Bass, Don Bluth, Bagdasarian Productions, Nelvana, Warner Brothers, and of course Anime, it was all a part of my childhood, and a big part of my life as an adult."

Yvonne Grzenkowicz [WRITER | PODCAST]
is a NYC based animator/director. She creates hand drawn, 2d puppet, and 3d cg animated content for multiple platforms. She has extensive training  in character animation and a background in fine art (painting & drawing). She is also a NY writer/correspondent for AFA: Animation for Adults and she works with TAP (The Animation Project) teaching animation techniques and box
modeling to at-risk youth in the NYC area. Visit her website and follow her on twitter.

has been a fan of animation for many years watching many on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and in France. Having read a lot of reviews, commentaries, editorials, articles and academic papers on animation it was about time to create some content instead of just consuming it. He is a full-time physicist/engineer who enjoys sitting back with a good cup of coffee to watch some animation ... preferably with giant robots or mechanical suits in it.

Ali Harris  [WRITER]
is a freelance character designer and concept artist with a B.A. in English Studies, and she is currently pursuing a M.S. in Marketing Communication. After earning her graduate degree, she plans to earn certifications in 2D animation and graphic design to expand her existing knowledge and skill set. For AFA, she serves as a film critic and artistic contributor and plans to create video reviews for the site’s YouTube page. To view her complete collection of magic and mayhem, visit her portfolio My Wildest Dreams). Also, check out her awesome DeviantArt gallery) to see her interpretations of beloved characters from movies, video games, and more! Be sure to keep up to date with Ali on Twitter. Apart from her AFA work, Ali also contributes to Movie Pilot

Sophia Chan  [WRITER]
Sophia is a freshman at New York University studying nursing and is currently finishing up her first year abroad in Italy. She has a passion for animation from all around the world, and has always wanted to write for an animation blog. She can play 7 instruments and currently has a youtube channel where she makes covers of songs from games and animation, or you can follow her on twitter

Sharon Lin [WRITER]
Sharon is a student in New York. She works on freelance projects in web development, mobile apps, graphic design, and photography. She enjoys film and animation, and has an appreciation for realism and the philosophical. She has written for YES! Magazine, The Huffington Post, and the Asbury Park Press. Follow her on twitter


Joe Muzynski
My interests are in mythology, animation, comics, folklore, film, folk horror, and fiddle music. Not necessarily in that order, depending on what day it is. I am working on a book about Marvel Comics and religion, and dream of opening The Animation Theater, so you can come and watch animation on the big screen any time you want. Follow him on twitter.

Mark has been a fan of all things animated since he can remember, and a writer since he could put pen to paper. He has worn many hats, including journalist, recruiter, managing director, illustrator, club DJ, brand director and management consultant, but prefers his writer hat. He has completed two novels - one at age 9 and the other at age 40 - but not published either, perhaps due to too much hat-juggling.

Noah is s a New York-based writer and ANNY’s Correspondent for Animation For Adults.You can follow Noah on Twitter here, and you can follow ANNY on Twitter and Facebook for more information about their monthly independent animation screenings.

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