Friday, June 23, 2017

'Rocko's Modern Life' Returns As A TV Movie In 2018

Back in 2015, Nickelodeon revealed a plan to plunder its back catalogue to bring back some of its most beloved series for fans both old and new. This initiative has already seen the greenlighting of revivals for Hey Arnold and Invader Zim. Next to be lined up is the 90s cult animated sitcom Rocko's Modern Life.

Joe Murray's series followed a shy Australian Wallaby named Rocko as he tried to navigate the minefield of modern (90s) life. The series was pretty notorious for its smuggling of adult jokes into a show that originally aired on a kid's network. Like its contemporary Nicktoon Ren and Stimpy, the series actually aired in a primetime slot in the UK. It originally ran for 4 seasons between 1993 and 1996.

'The Girl Without Hands' Comes to the US This Summer

GKIDS Films do a wonderful job of representing the true diversity of global animation. As well as family-friendly crowd-pleasers like the Song Of the Sea or My Life As A Zucchini, they also seek out more unusual or esoteric animated features. And you don't get much more unusual or esoteric than Sébastien Laudenbach's award-winning The Girl Without Hands.

Based on a tale by Brothers Grimm it may be- but this is as about as far away from a Disney fairy-story as you could imagine. A Miller who has fallen on hard times sells his daughter to the Devil. Although she is able to escape, the Devil takes her hands in revenge and begins to plot to steal her away again.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rooster Teeth Animation Festival Takes Place July 7-9

Rooster Teeth is one of the biggest names in online content, and through series such as RWBY and Red Vs Blue, they've made a name for themselves in animation too.  The RTX event is a three-day gaming and internet culture festival, organised by Rooster Teeth that takes place in Austin, Texas every year . Last year, the event also included the inaugural Rooster Teeth Animation Festival. Following the success of last year's event, RTAF returns this year, and will run from July 7-9 .

The event will feature screenings from over 40 contributors and will feature an exclusive theatrical screening of Netflix's Castlevania series. Adult Swim will also premiere the first two episodes of their new series Apollo Gauntlet at the festival.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Anime Streaming Service 'HIDIVE' Launches

Another new player has entered the competitive anime streaming market. HIDIVE is the new home for the catalogue of Sentai Filmworks, previously available at The Anime Network. TAN itself, meanwhile is switching over to focus exclusively on its cable and video on demand service.

Like most of its competitors, HIDIVE will offer a free ad-supported service. If you want English dubs, HD Video and uncensored content however, it'll cost $3.99 a month- although this is a limited time introductory offer. The library currently consists of various Sentai licensed shows, movies and OAVs, but may offer content from other providers in future. It will also feature simulcasts. The site is also putting a lot of emphasis on creating a community and offers the ability to live chat while streaming.

ANNY Animator Interviews #7: Sashko Danylenko

Next up in our ANNY Animator Interviews series is an interview with Sashko Danylenko. Sashko is an independent animator, director, and bike enthusiast. Last year we screened his films Swan and Bike Portraits, and this past June we screened his new film Waking Sleeping Bat. Interview by Nina Balton.

Download the podcast version here. You can subscribe to The AFA Podcast on iTunes or Podcasts.com or listen on Stitcher.  Find all our previous episodes here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why Wonder Woman Deserves Her Own Animated Series

Guest contributor Jeremy Harrison thinks it's high time for Wonder Woman to get her own animated series.

Recently, DC released a movie that has been a long time coming: Wonder Woman! The movie exceeded expectations, which is great- because maybe we can finally get more comic book Heroines on the big and small screen from both DC and Marvel.  But why has it taken so long?

Looking at Wonder Woman’s male counterparts from both live action and animated movies; Superman and Batman star in roughly 16 live action movies and 16 animated movies between them. Wonder Woman, until now, has had just one animated movie, that was made 8 years ago at the time of this article and it underperformed selling only 102,890 copies earning around 2 million dollars.

'Attack On Titan' Season 3 Coming In 2018

The long-awaited second season of Attack On Titan has now come to an end. Considering there was a four-year wait for the new season, fans would be forgiven for wondering just how long they would have to wait to see the story continue. Turns out the answer is not that long, because it has been announced that season 3 will, in fact, be airing in 2018.

The news was revealed at the end of the airing of the final episode in Japan and on English subtitled simulcast. The English dubbed version of this episode will air on Toonami in the US and be available on Funimation Now at a later date.