Thursday, December 18, 2014

Watch the British Comedy Award Winning Short 'Carpark'.

The British Comedy Awards have been running for 25 years now, celebrating the best in UK-based comedy talent. This year's ceremony introduced a new category- Best Internet Comedy Short, recognising online video for the very first time. Two of the nominees this year were animated- Aardman Animation's crowdfunded Brand New Morph, and the eventual winner Carpark.

Sadly, the award didn't make the main Channel 4 broadcast of the ceremony, instead being shunted onto the aftershow on Digital sister channel E4. But it's a start. Coming from London studio Birdbox, Carpark is an extremely funny 2D animation. With a largely monochrome colour pallet and a tone reminiscent of Simon's Cat, it's a worthy winner. Check it out below.

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