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We are 1!

Hey there animation lovers! It's the editor here, with a quick post to say that today marks the first birthday of Animation For Adults, and I just want to say how truly grateful I am for all your support. If you've read, shared, tweeted, Facebooked or in any way supported AFA over the last year, I want you to know I'm truly thankful for you all. We've got supporters in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and beyond, including a number of people involved in the animation industry itself. And that's truly thrilling for me.

What started as a way to keep my old animation reviews and articles online after Screen Highway shut down has grown gradually into a site I'm truly proud of. We're only small, and there's a lot more I want to achieve (with the help of some new writers) but I'm feeling pretty happy with what's been achieved in the first year... and that wouldn't be possible without you guys, girls and others. So seriously, thanks.. you all rock. In what's been an extremely tough year in my personal life, AFA has been a definite bright spot.

What's next for AFA? Next year hopefully we'll have much more content, more regular reviews and articles and I want to be able to move towards daily updates. Beyond that we're planning on launching a Youtube channel and considering other ideas such as e-books and podcasts. I'm pretty excited about the future and hope you'll stick around to enjoy it.

We'll be taking a break over Christmas and New Year, but we'll still be running some fresh content in the meantime- lovingly prepared in advance. And there's still plenty to come before that too!

So once again, from the very bottom of my heart thank you all for making AFA's first year a success. And here's to many more.

Animatedly yours,
Chris Perkins- Editor