Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Animatsu Bringing RWBY and More Red Vs Blue to the UK

In their original launch announcement new UK label Animatsu made it clear that they would not only be releasing anime. They would also be releasing other TV or movies that appealed to a similar audience, be it live-action or animated. As it happens, their first non Japanese animated releases are just around the corner in the form of Red Vs Blue Season 11 and RWBY.

The pair are Rooster Teeth produced animated series that have already found great success on Youtube, and are now being given UK release on DVD and Blu-ray backed up by a full set of special features for fans.

Red Vs Blue is the long running series which takes an irreverent take on the Halo videogame franchise. Produced using 'machinima'- meaning it is created by editing actual videogame footage- the show has won legions of fans and been officially sanctioned by Microsoft.

RWBY meanwhile is an anime influenced series which takes it's inspiration from a kick-ass version of Grimm fairy tales. Created by the late Monty Oum, it's a rare example of US made action animation aimed at adults.

Both titles will be available to purchase from May 4th 2015.
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