Thursday, March 19, 2015

Watch This: The Minions Meet Godzilla in Japanese Ad

The undisputed stars of the Despicable Me franchise (shut up, Gru) are due to return later this year in the Minions movie. In the meantime though, the yellow tiny terrors have been moonlighting starring in a commercial for Japanese cinema chain Toho. The short promo features a cameo from none other than Toho Studio's most iconic character- Godzilla. Or at least part of him... and of course that iconic roar.

Revolving around the chain's logo, it's a neat little bonus for Minion fans around the world. There's no need for Japanese lessons though, as this proves the Minions brand of humour works internationally. Minions will be released in cinemas in the UK on June 26th and in North America on July 10th 2015. Watch the trailer here.

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