Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The AFA Podcast Episode 3: Song Of The Sea

Chris, Dan, Rachael and Yvonne are back for our long-awaited discussion of Song Of The Sea in time for it's UK and Irish cinema run! Before that we get in some of our regular features, including a summing up of some animation news and some questions from our awesome listeners/readers.

We tried to keep the first section spoiler-free so if you've yet to see the film you might want to hold back on the second section. After that there's no guarantees as we get really deep into the film.

PLEASE NOTE: this show will sound a little different as it was recorded on a brand new set up. Does it sound better? Worse? Or didn't you notice? Let us know!

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  • 0:01.25- 00:6.40 Listener Question
  • 0:06.40-0:35.00   News -The Iron Giant Returns, Minions Makes Mucho Moolah,, Miyazaki goes CG
  • 0:35- 1.03: SONG OF THE SEA (spoiler free)
  • 01:03- 02:07  SONG OF THE SEA: spoiler zone

Music Featured from SONG OF THE SEA soundtrack:

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