Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Scooby Doo Movie Called 'S.C.O.O.B' and Will Launch Cinematic Universe

Ruh-Roh! New details about the forthcoming Scooby Doo movie from Warner Bros Animation have emerged. In a presentation at CinemaCon, it was revealed the film will go by the title of 'S.C.O.O.B'- although what that actually stands for remains to be seen. It was also announced that the film is planned to be the first part of a connected Cinematic Universe featuring Hanna-Barbera characters.

Warner Bros seem to be going all out on the whole 'cinematic universe' front. Not satisfied with the DC universe, they've also got a LEGO universe, and now this. We've no idea which other Hanna-Barbera series could see adaptations, but it's hard to imagine how Scooby Doo can cross-over with The Flinstones or The Jetsons for example. Although, if this all ultimately results in a Wacky Races movie, then just maybe it will be worth it.

The revelations came out of a presentation of Warner Animation Group, which is also producing the Lego Movies and other separate movies, alongside the planned HB films. WAG is being overseen by a Pixar-style 'Brain Trust' which includes among others Phil Lord and Chris Miller- which gives us reason to be hopeful.

S.C.O.O.B. is inked in for a release in 2018, and Tony Cervone is set to direct, with  a screenplay from Matt Lieberman. Neither of the two have much of a profile yet, with Cervone having helmed several straight-to-DVD movies, and Lieberman's only other major credit being the as-yet-unmade reboot of Short Circuit. Everyone has to start somewhere though, right?

How do you feel about this news? Exciting, or is the idea of a cinematic universe overkill? Let us know in the comments or via our Social Media channels!

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