Thursday, December 15, 2016

GKIDS Films Will Release Studio Ghibli's 'Ocean Waves'

Between GKIDS Films and Disney, almost every film from Studio Ghibli has now been released in the United States. Isao Takahata's Only Yesterday was one of the last hold-outs, finally arriving in the US this year, only 25 years after its original release. One more Ghibli production that has yet to be released in North America is Ocean Waves, a 1993 film directed by Tomomi Mochizuk. Based on a novel by Saeko Himuroy, it was originally made to be screened on Japanese television.

Although made for TV, GKIDS are going to give viewers in the US a chance to see it in cinemas in a brand spanking new 4K restoration. It will be receiving a limited run at New York's IFC Center from December 28th, and will also screen for one night only in LA's Egyptian Theatre. It will then screen at select cinemas in the US and Canada throughout January, February and March. A home release will follow in spring 2017.

Ocean Waves was the first Studio Ghibli film directed by anyone other than Hayo Miyazaki or Isao Takahata and functioned as a training exercise for Studio Ghibli's younger staff at the time. The plot revolves around a pair of teenage friends who's relationship is tested by the arrival of a beautiful new transfer student.

Although never released in the US, Ocean Waves has been released elsewhere, receiving DVD releases in the UK and Australia some time ago.

The list of confirmed screenings follows:

New York, NY IFC Center December 28, 2016

Toronto, ON TIFF January 3, 2017

Albuquerque, NM Guild Cinema January 6, 2017

Fort Lauderdale, FL TBD January 7, 2017

Kansas City, MO Screenland Armour January 9, 2017

Portland, OR OMSI Empirical Theater January 11, 2017

Los Angeles, CA American Cinematheque January 12, 2017

Chicago, IL Gene Siskel Film Center January 13, 2017

Denver, CO Denver Film Society January 13, 2017

Santa Ana, CA The Frida Cinema January 13, 2017

Tempe, AZ Harkins Valley Art January 13, 2017

Waterloo, ON Princess Cinema January 13, 2017

Atlanta, GA Plaza Theatre January 13, 2017

San Francisco, CA Roxie Theatre January 16, 2017

Fairfax, VA Angelika Mosaic January 17, 2017

Washington, DC Angelika Pop-Up January 17, 2017

Dallas, TX Angelika Dallas January 17, 2017

Plano, TX Angelika Plano January 17, 2017

San Diego, CA Angelika Carmel January 17, 2017

Honolulu, HI Consolidated Theatres Kahalas January 17, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA Row House Cinema January 20, 2017

Vancouver, BC Vancity Theatre January 20, 2017

Columbus, OH Gateway Film Center February 9, 2017

Cleveland, OH Cleveland Cinematheque February 23, 2017

Port Orchard, WA Dragonfly Cinema March 10, 2017

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