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When Star Wars Meets Old-School Anime

What if George Lucas had signed off on a Japanese adaptation of his legendary sci-fi franchise back in the 80's? That's just the scenario the folks at Nacho Punch imagined in this fantastic video Star Wars: the Lost 1980's Anime'. Combining the plot of the classic space opera with typical classical anime elements such as giant robots, speedlines and transformation, it's an irresistible concoction. The period detail even extends to an aesthetic suggesting the whole thing is recorded on an old VHS!

More often than not when westerners try to mimic or parody anime's style they fail. This is actually one of the closest attempts I've yet seen, really catching the spirit of the feel of anime of that particular era. It's made by one Shamoozal, a talented web animator fellow who has produced some excellent videogame themed animation in recent years- including the fantastic Link's Triumph which you can check out below. Watch this space for more web-animation coverage here on AFA.