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Manga UK To Release One Piece Movies, Ghost In The Shell Arise and More

The MCM Expo group are the biggest name in conventions in the British Isles, running Cons in London twice a year, plus numerous other events including shows in Scotland and as of 2014, Ireland too. This past weekend saw the MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con, and as usual Manga UK- the UK's biggest distributor of Japanese animation- were there. They used the event to make some exciting announcements for their forthcoming releases.
  • Manga have nabbed the rights to release the movie spin-offs of the ace pirate-themed anime One Piece. The 10th movie Strong World will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 30th, 2014. They will also be releasing movies 1-9, with more details to follow. The company pointed out that only movie 8 has been dubbed into English, so the other films will be released with English subtitles.
  • The latest Ghost In the Shell series Arise will be released in the UK. It's a brand new take on the series, separate from both the original movies and the Stand Alone Complex TV series. More details will be announced later.
  • The original Ghost In The Shell 1995 movie will also be re-released as a Blu-ray Steelbook edition.
  • The eagerly awaited Attack On Titan series 1 Part 1 will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 15th September.  A Blu-ray Collector's edition will also be released that will feature a bonus disc with over 100 minutes of bonus material, a booklet and a collector's box cover that will house both part 1 and the forthcoming part 2.
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