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First Disney/Marvel Movie Big Hero 6 Gets A Teaser

When Disney bought Marvel, fan-speculation went into overdrive. What might happen if the two companies worked together on a project? Some got very excited about the prospect of their being a Pixar /Marvel movie one day. While there's still no sign of that happening, a Disney/Marvel animation is indeed on it's way, and pretty soon. Big Hero 6 is a comic-book adaptation seeing a group of six superheroes signed up by the government. Although based on a Marvel comic, it won't be related to Marvel's Cinematic Universe at all. This is probably for the best, as it will allow the film-makers to really let their imaginations run riot without needing to tie it into the existing universe. Now we've had our first proper look at the flick in the form of a charming teaser trailer.

Directed by Chris Williams and Don Hall who have plenty of experience working in animation (although only Williams has actually directed a feature before) this looks pretty promising, and looks set to put a fun spin on the superhero genre.  Strangely enough, Disney have decided against using and Marvel branding at all. Big Hero 6 will be released in the States in November, but UK audiences will have to wait until February 2015 (boo!).