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Cuphead- the Videogame That Looks Like A Classic Fleischer Cartoon

We're not really planning on covering videogames much here on AFA. While there's probably a sizeable crossover of our audience and gamers- and many of the most talented animators around today probably work in the field- there are plenty of other sites to cover that subject. Sometimes, however, something game-related will come into our cross-hairs- which brings us to Cuphead.

Announced at this week's E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo- the biggest event in the gaming calendar) Cuphead is a forthcoming game for PC and Xbox One. Its visual style is the reason for our interest- it's in the style of retro animation.  It's got a gorgeous look ripped straight out of a 1940's Max Fleischer (Betty Boop) cartoon. While E3 was full of graphically advanced stuff taking full advantage of the next generation of gaming hardware, this indie game from Studio MDHR is perhaps the most graphically original game seen for some time. It's due for release on Xbox One and the Steam platform sometime in 2015.