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Simon's Cat Creators To Crowdfund First Colour Short Film "Off To the Vets"

Simon's Cat is a hugely popular series of animations with a considerable following on Youtube. The black and white shorts have built up nearly 3 million subscribers and are about to pass 500 million views. From the original short "Cat Man Do"in 2008, Simon Tofield's creation has spawned 37 shorts in total (so far) and launched a series of popular cartoon books. The popularity of the series is no mystery, as the behaviour of Simon's feline friends is so skilfully observed. With only slight comic exaggeration, it's all too familiar to anybody who has ever owned or loved a cat.

The average episode of Simon's Cat lasts only a couple of minutes each, but now the team have announced they are planning something considerably longer, and more ambitious. They have been working on a script for an 11-minute short film based around Simon's Cat's visit to the vets. What's more, this short will be in full colour for the first time. In order to make this a reality, the team are considering turning to crowdfunding (such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo). But why?

"‘Off to the Vets’ is an ambitious project for us, not least because the amount of animation we plan to produce is virtually equivalent to our entire year’s output! We've written the script and Simon has started the storyboard - but we won't be able to make it without our fans’ help and support.

That's why we're considering turning to crowd-funding to help raise the shortfall in funds and also keep the production independent. For those that might not know, crowd-funding gives fans and communities the opportunity to give money to help realise projects they love. Backers pledge their chosen amount (from as little as £1 up to much higher amounts) and in return they have the chance to exclusively follow the project's progress, gain access to the finished product and receive a range of very special rewards - including original artwork!"

We're rather in love with the shorts, so the chance to see something longer from the team is an exciting prospect. Further details are to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more!