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Space Dandy Season 2 Blasts Off This July

Space Dandy from Japan's Studio Bones and Bandai Visual has proved to be one of the biggest anime hits of 2014 so far. Coming from Shinichiro Watanabe - creator of the classic Cowboy Bebop- it marked his first return to space since the 2001 Bebop movie spin-off Knocking On Heaven's Door. However Dandy turned out to be a very different kettle of space-fish, and it's wacky comedy stylings may have not been what many fans had expected. Nonetheless, it turned in impressive ratings for US broadcaster Adult Swim where it aired as part of the revived Toonami line-up. Now Funimation (producers of the English version) have announced that the second season will air this summer- starting July 5th.

Like the first season, the Toonami broadcast is actually airing in the States before it shows in Japan ( from July 6th). It's one of the only times where the English dub has been produced concurrently with the original version, and this tactic seems to have paid off. The episodes will then be available streaming to fans in the US via Hulu and Funimation.com. UK rights are held by Anime Limited, who have previously confirmed that season 2 will be streaming in both subbed and dubbed versions via Wakanim UK, before an eventual home release.