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Asterix Goes CGI In "Land Of The Gods"

If you grew up in Europe there was a good chance you read at least one Asterix book. The saga of the plucky diminutive Gaul who used magic potion to protect his village from the Romans spawned thirty-five comic book volumes, eight animated movies, a couple of cheapo looking live-action movies, videogames and even a theme park. Later this year it will make the jump into its first computer-animated feature "Asterix: Le Domaine Des Dieux" (Land Of The Gods"). And we've got the first teaser.

Animation wise it might not be looking to trouble Pixar, but it looks like a good representation of the source material. The movie will open in France on November 26th. As for release beyond the French borders? There's no details as yet, but the website the teaser comes from suggests it's a French-US co-production, so an English version would seem like a shoe-in. How it would be received Stateside is another matter. Although translated into English and extremely popular in the UK,  much like Tin Tin, it never really made the jump to America. Not even Asterix Conquers America. Will Land Of the Gods change that and belatedly introduce America to the series?  Check out the (French language) teaser below.