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Simon's Cat "Off To the Vets": Crowdfunding Campaign Begins!

Just over a month ago, we reported on how the team behind the much-loved Web animation Simon's Cat were gearing up to start a crowdfunding campaign. "Off To the Vets" is to be both considerably longer than the usual Simon's Cat episode- at around 11 minutes,- and to be in full colour for the first time. Unfortunately, producing the short while continuing to work on the usual episodes requires a considerable investment and an expanded team. So the team are turning to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, so the series' most loyal fans can help make this exciting project a reality!

The film will see Simon attempting to take his furry friend for his check-up, and presumably, chaos will ensue. Pet owners will surely empathise with this particular challenge!. The campaign is looking to raise £275,850 in total. Backers can pledge starting from just £5, and perks include an early preview of the film, plushes and signed prints. At the very top end, backers can attend the première, or for a whopping £10,000 be immortalised in animation.

It should be noted that unlike rival site KickStarter, in the unlikely event that the project does not reach its goal, the creators will still get all the funds that have been raised. The campaign will end August 6th 2014. For more info and to get involved head over to the campaign page!