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WAW: Science Of Power-Ups, Blackford Manor, Savlonic and more

Advances in technology and the spread of the internet has made it easier than ever for animators to get their stuff out there. This also means it's easier than ever for the good stuff to get lost in the crowd. How do you know what's worth watching? That's where we come in! Welcome back to Web Animation Watch.

New from returning champion Kreid, and Channel 4's Mashed is this hilarious and brilliantly animated episode of "The Science of Power Ups", investigating the Fire Flower from the Super Mario Bros series.Very funny stuff indeed from writer Eddie Bowley.

Also new and brilliant, but very different in tone, is Jiwook Kim's Blackford Manor. With a delightfully creepy style and a voice appearance from the legendary voice actor Billy West (Futurama, Ren and Stimpy), it's very much worth six minutes of your precious time.

Fox's Animation Domination Hi-Def made this actually rather lovely tribute to Studio Ghibli, following the (exaggerated) rumours of the legendary studio closing. While we'd argue it might be too early to say "Goodbye Ghibli" in reality, its' still a great piece of animation for any Ghibli fan.

When he's nor bringing us fantastic animation, Weebl has also got a musical sideline, founding the ace Savlonic, a Gorillaz-style virtual band. They've just released Red, their first full album following a successful crowd-funding campaign. Check out Spelunker the first new video to be taken from the album. Animation by Peabo.

Buy the album here:
Are you a web animator who's produced something you'd like to see in a future Web Animation Watch? Drop us a line.