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Danger Mouse Reboot Finds It's Voice.

Classic 80's British animation Danger Mouse is set to return to screens in a brand new series next year. More details have been gradually emerging as the reboot begins to take shape. But one crucial question mark has remained over the voice cast. The excellent voice cast of the original was one of the key reasons it succeeded, so its crucial that the 21st-century remake is well cast.

The BBC have now announced that DM (originally voiced by David Jason) will be voiced by comic actor and presenter Alexander Armstrong. Originally rising to prominence as part of the comedy double-act Armstrong and Miller, he's now best known to most UK audiences as the host of cult gameshow Pointless. As and actor he's made appearances in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Crucially, he's got a strong, distinctive voice, and does a lot of voice-over work. If you're familiar with his work you'll realise that this is perfect casting, and more reason to be confident this is in the right hands.

 DM's sidekick Penfold will be voiced by comedian and actor Kevin Eldon, taking over from the late Terry Scott. Eldon is a respected comic actor with a list of credits as long as your arm including Hot Fuzz, Hugo and Big Train. He's worked with just about anybody who's anybody in the British comedy scene, so he's another shrewd pick.

The new series is part of the BBC's Children's department promise to increase the number of female roles and presenters. As a result, original character Professor Squackencluck will be replaced by his niece, voiced by Shauna McDonald. Other roles in the series are to be voiced by comic actress Morwena Banks.

Rounding out the cast, comic and presenter Dave Lamb will be performing narration duties (originally performed by David Jason in a secondary role). 52 new episodes of Danger Mouse will screen on the CBBC Channel starting in 2015.