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Kickstart This: The Art Of Making "Santa Company".

Kickstarter, and other crowd-funding platforms has proved to be popular for animators worldwide wanting to bring their projects to life. Among the handful of successfully funded projects to come from Japan is the festive themed Santa Company from Kenji Studio. The original project successfully reached it's $50,000 goal last December, but now the studio are turning to crowdfunding once again to produce something very different.

In association with Awesome Japan, they are seeking $15,000 to produce the Art of Making Santa Company- a digital guide to the making of the 30 minute short. It will apparently allow backers an unprecedented look at the production of anime, that will be of interest both to animation students and hardcore fans. The guide will include access to work in progress material such as storyboards, backgrounds and animation files with commentary from the animators. It really will allow fans to get to view what goes into making an animation at a level you've not seen before.  If you've missed out on the chance to back the original project, rewards are also available including Santa Company itself as a download or DVD/Blu-ray.

The project runs until October 29th 2014. Head to the project page for more info. Running an animation related crowdfunding campaign? Let us know!