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New Dragon Ball Z Movie Confirmed For 2015 Japanese Release.

When Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods was first announced it was something of a surprise for fans. After all it had been 17 years since the release of a new movie in the franchise, and the TV series had long finished. But thanks to the recut revival series Dragon Ball Kai and the continued release of new video games based on the franchise, Akira Toriyama's world-famous series never really went away. Battle Of Gods was set after the conclusion of the series, and Toriyama himself was heavily involved.

Following the success of the new movie, it's perhaps slightly less surprising that Toei have announced a new movie will debut in 2015. As with the previous movie, it will tell a new story based on a concept by Toriyama, but this time it will feature the return of an old foe- the mighty Frieza. Fans will remember that Frieza is currently distinctly deceased in the Dragon Ball cannon, so the plot will see two survivors of his army seeking to resurrect him with the Dragon Balls. And considering he's on the poster- presumably they succeed, leaving Goku and co to save the universe again. The Japanese title translates as "F Is For Resurrection", and the film will open in Japan on April 18th 2015- and will also be screening in 3D.

Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later that this makes it to the West. In the meantime the rather excellent Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods is now available from Manga Entertainment in the UK and Funimation in North America. Check out the first poster below.