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Now Streaming: Fantasia, Attack on Titan, Iron Giant and More!

It's not just a new month, but a whole new year, which means a whole lot of change on Netflix. As usual, there's quite a lot of additions of interest to animation fans across the different English-language versions of the number one video streaming service. And as always, we don't list every single animated addition (we generally skip shows aimed at preschoolers, for example) but stick to things we think you'll care about. So here's the list of new additions of interest since our last update!

  • All Hail King Julian [All regions] Madagascar spin-off Netflix original series.
  • An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island [New to US] 2000 Sequel to the Don Bluth Classic.
  • Attack On Titan [New to UK] Series 1- The monster hit anime hits UK Netflix. Unlike in the US, Dubbed and subbed versions are available to UK subscribers.
  • Black Butler [New to UK] Victorian-set anime series.
  • Blue Exorcist [New to UK] Anime following the Devil's illegitimate son taking an unexpected career path
  • BoJack Horseman Christmas special [All Regions]
  • Cars 2 [New to UK] Pixar's first misfire
  • Death Note [New to UK] Anime adaptation of the smash-hit manga series.
  • Fantasia [New to US] Disney's 1940 musical classic masterpiece.
  • Fantasia 2000 [New to US] Turn-of-the-century update, featuring seven new shorts.
  • Ghost In the Shell [New to UK] The original 1995 cyberpunk classic.
  • High School Of The Dead [New to UK] Japanese highschoolers versus zombies.With added pants.
  • Iron Giant [New to Canada] Brad Bird's much-loved 2D toon.
  • Jack and The Cuckoo-Clock Heart [New to US and Canada] French CGI animation
  • Pyscho Pass [New To UK] Another new anime for UK subscribers to binge on.
  • Road to El Dorado [New to US]  Traditionally animated, early Dreamworks movie.
  • Shin Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams  [new to Canada] Video-game based CGI flick.
  • Vampire Knight [New to UK] Pretty-boy vampires a-go-go.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh [Season 2, new to US,UK and Canada]

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