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The Oscar Nominations For Best Animated Feature 2015 Are Here

It's time for the main event! Let's be honest, Golden Globes and BAFTAs are all well and good, but the Oscars are still the biggest deal out there. So it is that an Academy nomination for Best Animated Feature is perhaps the highest honour most animators can dream of. We've been speculating for months (because it's fun) but now the nominations are here for real....

As expected by basically everyone Disney's Big Hero 6, LAIKA's The Boxtrolls and Dreamworks's How To Train Your Dragon 2 scored the first nods. This trio has been nominated by virtually everyone who hands out awards for animated film, so no real surprises there. This year saw five nominations though, so what films filled out the remaining two spaces? We're thrilled to say that GKIDS has managed to pull off a double again, a repeat of when Chico and Rita and A Cat In Paris both scored nominations in 2011.  Firstly It's another nomination for Ghibli with The Tale Of the Princess Kaguya from Isao Takahata. But best of all, Tomm Moore and Cartoon Saloon can now lay claim to being two-time nominees as Song Of The Sea picks up the last space.

Which means... that The Lego Movie missed out. This is admittedly a surprise, as we'd earlier predicted that it would probably win it. Many people will probably cry foul, over this omission. But to be honest, we're not upset. The Lego Movie is fun, but we'd rather see one of this lot take it. Lego Movie fans can take some comfort though... It did get another nomination: for Everything Is Awesome for Best Original Song. (Somehow).

So, who do we think will win now? There's no obvious winner like last year's Frozen, so the field is relatively open. Realistically, Big Hero 6 probably has the best shot just because it's made by Disney. Academy voters are mainly old white dudes who notoriously don't really care about animation, and will probably just vote Disney on autopilot. But we've seen surprises in other years so who knows? In our heart-of-hearts we'd love to see the award go to either Song Of The Sea or Princess Kaguya. We'll know for sure next month, when the 87th Academy awards take place on February 22nd 2015.

Check out the full list here.