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Web Animation Watch: Simon's Cat, Morph, Eric's Quest and more!

Thanks to the new digital frontier of the internet, there's more animation available than ever before. But with so much material out there in this web-wild-west, how are you supposed to know what's worth your precious time? That's where we come in. Welcome to yet another Web Animation Watch!

Simon' Cat is back with a typically adorable episode that was released for Valentine's day. In 'Butterflies' our furry friend looks like he might have found love.. awww!

Excited about Jurassic World?  The crew at How It Should Have Ended are so excited they can't even wait for the film to come out before they start parodying it!

Classic stop-motion character Morph (created by Aardman) was first introduced to UK audiences on the TV programmes of the much-loved artist Tony Hart during the 80s and 90s. The latest episode of Morph's YouTube comeback series features a tribute to the late artist, but is full of the series' trademark classic humour.

We love a bit of fantasy, and we love a laugh, so fantasy comedy is a genre we can get behind! In this great short from Obsidian Wasp, a would-be-hero with the terribly heroic sounding name of Eric goes on quest that features dragons, kidnapped princesses and all that jazz. Fantastic- in every sense of the word!

See more animated awesomeness, hand-picked by us here. Are you an animator who'd like to be featured in a future installment? Drop us a line.