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Disney Confirms 'Frozen 2' Is Coming

In a totally surprising move that we absolutely did not all see coming Disney has confirmed that the biggest grossing film in their history is to get a sequel. Well, duh. Frozen has become not only a billion-dollar hit, but also a genuine cultural phenomenon- as anybody who's been within hearing distance of a 6-year-old girl in the last 18 months can attest. As such it's been pretty clear that it's never been a case of if there will be a Frozen 2, but when.

The studio had been making the right noises about the fact it would only be considered when they had the right story. As recently as this last week, in fact. It would seem that they've found it now though, as at a Disney shareholder's meeting on Thursday they announced the sequel was officially in production. It was later confirmed by co-director Jennifer Lee that she and Chris Buck would be returning.

That's pretty much all we know right now though. There's no release date or story details, so it's going to be quite a long way off. In the meantime Anna, Elsa, Olaf and co will be seen back on the big screen this month in new short Frozen Fever, playing before the live-action Cinderella. According to Disney/Pixar chief John Lasseter it was making the short that convinced the team the time was right to make another movie.

So, who's excited about a return trip to Arrendelle?