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Kickstart This: Bill Plympton's 'Revengeance'

Bill Plympton is a genuine icon of indie animation. Starting off with a couple of Oscar-nominated shorts, he graduated to features, producing the likes of I Married A Strange Person and Idiots and Angels. But whereas most animated features are produced by hundreds of people, Plympton draws every frame himself (although he now uses a support staff to finish them off digitally). His most recent film Cheatin' - about to embark on a tour in the US before a VOD release- was funded on Kickstarter, and the veteran animator has decided to return to the crowd-funding platform for his next feature too.

Revengeance, a story of "low- rent bounty hunter" Rod Rosse, is something of a departure for Plympton. For the first time, he will be collaborating with another artist- namely fellow independent animator Jim Lujan. Plympton will continue to animate and direct, but this time he's working from designs and script from Lujan (who will also voice characters in the film).

The project seeks $80,000 and will run until May 22nd 2015. Perks range from $5 to $10,000, with a minimum of $15 required to watch the finished movie. If they reach their goal, they hope to get the film finished sometime in 2016.

Head over to the Kickstarter page if you want to help make Revengeance happen!