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New to UK Cinemas: 'Moomins On The Riviera'.

Tove Jansson's beloved Moomin characters have been brought to life in animation numerous times now. Moomin's adventures have been told through stop-motion, traditional animation and computer animation throughout the years, with adaptations coming from countries including Russia and Japan as well as Jansson's native Finland. May 22nd sees the latest adaptation Moomins On the Riviera arrive in UK cinemas courtesy of Vertigo Films

This Finnish/French co-production was originally released in Finland in October last year to mark the centenary of creator Jansson's birth. The film is directed by Xavier Picard, and the English version features the voice talents of Russel Tovey, Tracy Ann Oberman and Nathaniel Parker.

After a couple of the more recent screen outings for the Moomins were made using CG, this film sees a return to traditional animation. Using hand-drawn animation the film is able to much more accurately bring to life the original art of Jansson's strips. The stroryline too comes directly from a comic story of the same name (although it incorporates elements from other Moomin stories as well). It sees the Moomin family -plus Snorkmaiden and Little My- leave Moomin Valley and head for the luxury of the French Riviera.

Check out the trailer below.