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Spellbinding Official UK Trailer For 'Song Of The Sea' Released

Animation fans in the UK and Ireland have been (im)patiently waiting the release of Tomm Moore's Oscar nominated Song Of The Sea. Having screened at the London Film Festival last Autumn, it's been a long wait until the film will finally get its full cinema release in the UK and it's native Ireland this July.

StudioCanal have now released the official UK trailer for the film. It offers quite a different look at the film to any of the previous trailers released elsewhere. It spends a surprising amount of it's running time concentrating on the down-to-earth daily life of its lead children before they set off on their fantastical journey. It's an interesting choice as most other trailers have decided to focus almost exclusively on the magical journey itself.

It also put it's young stars front and centre, in a move presumably designed to draw in the family audience. Establishing the real-world setting will also make it easier for children to identify with them- perhaps especially for Irish and British audiences.

Song Of The Sea will be released in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on July 10th. We sure you don't need any more encouragement to watch it, but you can check out the trailer below.