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Watch This: 'Flash Gordon Classic'

Robb Pratt is an independent animator who first attracted attention by making a pair of retro-styled animated Superman fan films. As a lover of traditional animation, Pratt wanted to pay homage to both his favourite style of animation and the Man Of Steel in Superman Classic and it's sequel. A couple of years since the last short released, Pratt is back, this time with A Flash Gordon short made in a similar style.

Flash Gordon Classic is a gorgeously made homage to the classic sci-fi hero, that combines hand-drawn animation with a few digital flourishes to great effect. It's pitched as a lost episode in one of the classic Gordon matinee serials that captivated cinema-goers so many years ago. Pratt was able to call on some well-known voice talent too, with the most recent official Gordon Eric Johnson reprising his role.

It's fantastic stuff, and a world away from the camp-as-hell 80s live-action adaptation (fun as that may be). Feeling very much like pulp sci-fi illustrations come to life, it's perhaps the most authentic version of Flash Gordon yet seen on screen- even if it is unofficial.I'm sure we're not the only ones who would love to see a full series or movie done in this style. As a nice touch, the video includes an insight to the story behind the short from Pratt himself, as a post-credits bonus. Check out Robb's Youtube channel for more.