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Funimation Are Bringing 'Attack On Titan' Live-action Movies To The Americas

The anime series Attack On Titan has proven to live up to its name somewhat, becoming a towering success that has smashed all the competition.  That meant the news that it was getting a Japanese live-action movie (well, two movies in fact) was not all that surprising. The first company in the Anglo-sphere to announce a release of the movies was Australia's Madman Entertainment who revealed the adaptations would screen in Australian and New Zealand cinemas during 2015.

Madman usually sub-licence their dubbed or subtitled content through another (usually American) company, so whenever they announce a release before anybody else it usually means a reveal from a US-based company can't be far behind. In this case, it turned out that American company Funimation (who also released the anime) will be bringing the film to fans in the US, Canada and Central and South America.

Not only will they be bringing the two-part movie experience to cinemas, Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD, but Funimation will, in fact, be hosting the world première of the first movie on Tuesday, July 14th at the Egyptian Theatre LA. The première will follow a special appearance by the movie's director Shinji Higuchi at San Diego ComicCon on July 12th.

The movies are due to be released in Japan on August 1st and September 19th respectively. Funimation have yet to announce a specific date for their American release beyond "later this fall".