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'Shaun The Sheep Land' to Open... in Sweden

If you want evidence that Aardman Animation's Shaun The Sheep had global appeal and transcends language and cultural barriers than surely this is it. Fresh from the success of his first big screen outing (finally out in the US next month) the fleecy fella is now getting his own theme park- in Sweden of all places.

The attraction will open at Swedish zoo Skanes Djurpark and will allow visitors to experience Shaun's world through sights, sounds and taste. The park is projected to cost £5 million and is due to open in Summer 2016.

Thanks to the global appeal of Shaun, the experience will be expected to attract visitors from people across Europe and further afield, so worries that it would only be accessible if you speak Swedish would seem unfounded.

Shaun The Sheep the Movie is now available on UK Blu-Ray, DVD and digital and will be released in cinemas in North America on August 5th. Check our review here.

This week US distributor Lionsgate also released a new poster for the film that spoofs latest Marvel movie Ant-Man. Check it out below.