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Now In US Cinemas: Shaun The Sheep The Movie

American fans of Aardman, the wait is over! For Shaun The Sheep's big screen debut is now playing in the Ewe-S-A, (And Canada, obviously.) The dialogue-free stop-motion film has been winning critics over Stateside- much as it did when it opened in its native UK back in February.

The film sees Shaun and his flock head to the big city in a bid to bring home the farmer and return life to normal. Sadly, early box-office reports (it actually opened on Wednesday) suggest that North American audiences are not exactly flocking to see it, and it's likely to have the smallest opening of any Aardman film to date in the territory.

Does Shaun not have many fans in North America? That's a shame if true, as it seems he's been taken to heart by most of the rest of the world. We'd unreservedly recommend you go and see it as soon as you can, as it's absolutely fantastic.