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The AFA Podcast Episode 8a

This week we've got something new.... two podcasts! Well, technically it's one episode cut into two, but hey- it' still extra podcast goodness! We managed to talk for nearly two hours about How To Train Your Dragon 2, so rather than put out one epic episode, we're putting out our Dragons chat later in the week as a second part. Which means this first part is where we do our usual chat about the goings on in the world of animation!

This week Jill, Yvonne, Dan and Chris talk a bit more about D23, discuss the news about the Scooby Doo movie, and sing the praises of Rick and Morty and The Prophet. Contains some strong language and adult themes.

Join us later in the week for part 2!

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Approximate Time Codes
0:03- 0:07  D23
0:07- 0:10    Animation Nights NYC announcement 
0:10- 0:29     Scooby Doo Movie
0:29- 0.35  The Prophet
0:35-  0;46-Hell and Back Trailer
0.46- 1.06  What we've watched


Twitter: @animnightsny

Dia De Los Muertos (student film)


The Prophet

Scooby Doo, Where Are you?

Hell and Back Trailer


Wings Of Honneamise/ Royal Space Force

The Art Of Satoshi Kon