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Nickelodeon Considering Bringing Back Classic Franchises

 Recently there has been talk that the long-mooted Hey Arnold feature The Jungle Movie could be finally seeing the light of day in some form. We may now have a clue to how this might happen, thanks to a report published by Variety. According to Nickelodeon president of development and content Russell Hicks, the network is looking at ways of bringing back some of its classic shows- which several of the most fondly remembered are animated.

Hicks notes that the generation who grew up on Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Doug and other shows are now old enough to have kids of their own, who may be current Nick viewers. It seems though the strategy is not to bring back series and completley reboot them- as Cartoon Network is doing with The Powerpuff Girls for example- but something different.

"We are looking back at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way" is how Hicks described it.  There's the suggestion that the fresh spin may at least be partially in the format of the shows, which could be movies or specials rather than full series. This idea would certainly explain the possibility of the Jungle Movie, but it could also mean other series such as Rugrats are being considered for similar treatment.

Will we see a special or movie featuring the cast of Rugrats with kids of their own maybe? Although we don't really know what kind of returns these much-loved series can look forward to, it does a least seem slightly refreshing that they're not just automatically rebooting everything that ever did well for them in the past.Will the animation style say the same? Will the old creative teams return? All this remains to be seen. Are you looking forward to the return of these franchises? Let us know!