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'Over The Garden Wall, 'Adventure Time' Triumph at the Emmys

The Emmys, run by the American Television Academy, are the biggest awards ceremony in US TV. However, before the glitzy all-star televised ceremony, there is an earlier ceremony for the Creative Arts. It's this earlier ceremony where all the animation categories are unceremoniously shunted off to, and this year's Emmy Creative Arts Awards were handed out this past weekend.

The big news was that Cartoon Network's Over The Garden Wall took home the Outstanding Animated Programme award. This is nothing short of an amazing achievement for the Cartoon Network limited series, considering it was up against The Simpsons, Archer, Bob's Burgers and South Park. For a new family friendly series daring to do something different to overcome these established titans of adult animation is unexpected, to say the least. The nomination was impressive- a win fantastic.

It continued to be a good night for Cartoon Network as Adventure Time took home the gong for Outstanding Short-Form Animation Programme. Although this is much less of a surprise, it's still a nice coup for the show which was up against some strong competition from Wander Over Yonder, Regular Show and Steven Universe.

In the Outstanding Voice Over Performance category, the ever excellent Hank Azaria took home the award for his work on the Simpsons.

Outside these categories there were also several Juried Awards for Individual achievement in animation. Here, Over The Garden Wall bagged another two awards, and Adventure Time one more. But it wasn't only Cartoon Network that had reason to celebrate. Disney's Gravity Falls, and  Robot Chicken and King Star King from Adult Swim also took home awards.