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UK Home Release of 'DBZ Resurrection F' Delayed

Fans in the UK are gearing up to get their chance to see Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F on the big screen thanks to Manga Entertainment. The smash hit latest outing in the hugely popular series is screening in venues around the UK from September 30th, with the home release originally planned just weeks later. However, the demand for the film has proved to be much greater than originally anticipated.

So great in fact, that the distributor has been forced to push back the DVD and Blu-ray release of the film from it's original October date. The trouble is that many cinema chains have rules about release windows (ie the gap between the cinema showing and a home release). In order to try and make sure that as many people can catch it on the big screen as possible, Manga have therefore had to delay the home release to an as yet unspecified time.

Jerome Mazandarani COO of the newly merged Manga and Animatsu explains on the Manga UK Blog:

I’d like to thank the UK Dragon Ball Z fan community for their amazing support and enthusiasm for the theatrical release of Resurrection of F. Because of you, DBZRF is going out on more screens on its initial opening than any other anime film ever released in the UK previously. That’s an amazing accomplishment. However! Because of the unprecedented demand for cinema showings across the country we will have to push back the UK home video release.

One of our retail partners has today notified its customers of a date change. This is not the final date that has been decided. We are currently working very hard to find a new street date that satisfies not only the retailers and theatrical exhibitors requirements, but which also doesn’t cause you guys to have to wait any longer than necessary for it on DVD and Blu-ray. Marketing and selling anime is a tricky business as a lot of you know and we are lucky that our audience is especially patient and supportive. I don’t think many other companies can claim the same thing. I really hate disappointing you and I can only apologise for any confusion that’s been caused by today’s events. We will announce a new home video street date imminently and we will work our butts off, as always, to ensure it is as soon as possible.

So.. the good news is that there will be more chances to see the film in the cinema, beyond the original one-day event. But you'll just have to wait a little longer for the home release as a result.

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