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Viewster Offers 'Omakase' Black Friday Deals, Naruto Shippuden Box.

If you've been tempted by Viewster's Omakase offering, then this may be the perfect time to jump aboard. The already impressive line-up is being added to for a special Black Friday deal that will run through to Cyber Monday. The last order date for the first box may have passed - check out our preview of the box's contents here- but at least for customers in the US, there's one last chance to get these one-off and rare items. For a limited period only, they can nab both a launch 'Kill La Kill' box and one of the second boxes for $40 plus $10 delivery. This is obviously an impressive deal considering that one box alone would normally cost $29.

Fans in the UK and Canada may not be able to take advantage of this deal, but they have not been left out either. Fans in these territories can order the second box for the normal price but for this weekend will get a free 6 month digital subscription to manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump. This is also included in the US bundle.
 This digital subscription is also being offered to any customer who subscribed prior to November 23rd- so they are not neglecting their early adopters either!

It's also been revealed that the second box will be themed around Naruto Shippuden and will ship in late January. The first item to be revealed is a  golden vinyl Naruto figurine. More items to be confirmed at a later date.

Head over to the Omakase site to nab your Black Friday bundle  (while stocks last). Offer closes November 30th, 11:59 PM PST.