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We Are 2!

Today marks exactly 2 years since we ( or more accurately, I) first published our first post. Born out of not much more than a desire to put some of my old reviews back online after my friend's site went offline, and to continue writing about animation. Back then it was a humble one-man operation with a blogspot address and not much else. Ultimately though, our belief that animation is a medium that deserves to be treated with the respect given to mainstream film has connected with many like-minded individuals. Our audience include not only fans but many animators and others involved in the industry. Our readership are social media followers includes Oscar nominated directors, legendary voice actors (and at least one princess).

In the last year particularly we've grown considerably to a team of eight- with writers based on three continents. Highlights this year have included our Tomm Moore interview and the launch of our podcast.  Please forgive me this self-indulgent and sappy post but it's basically an excuse to say thank-you. Thank-you from all of us for letting us write about our passion for animation, and taking the time to read, share or listen. And from me personally a massive thanks to my wonderful writers who have made this year extra special... and to everyone who has helped us by getting the word out. I really can't thank you enough.

And we're just barely getting started. We've got big plans for the year ahead that we hope will make the next year even bigger than 2015. But for what that involves, you'll have to wait and see..

We hope you've enjoyed reading (and listening) as much as we have bringing it to you, and we're looking forward to even more next year! And once again.. thanks so, so much to you all.  Now if you'll excuse me, I think I've got something in my eye *sniff*...

Here's to another year of awesome animation!