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'Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F' Returning to UK Cinemas.. in 3D

Manga Entertainment's UK cinema run for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F was hugely successful late last year, expanding from one night to two weeks and taking the number 5 spot on the UK Box Office chart. Ahead of it's January 25th UK bow on DVD and Blu-ray Manga have announced the film will return to cinemas for one last hurrah. This time, however, it'll be showing in 3D.

The film played in Japan in 3D (as did it's predecessor Battle Of Gods), but its UK release- and it's US release for that matter- was in plain old two dimensions. The fact that Manga has picked up the rights to play the 3D version is quite a coup.

The film will be playing in 56 sites across the UK from January 20th. It's another chance for fans who missed it last time to catch it on the big screen. The added dimension will also likely tempt back many to see it a second time.

Manga's marketing manager Andrew Hewson said  "“We were astonished and very proud by the love shown towards Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' last year. It surpassed all our expectations and we’d like to thank the fans by giving them one more chance to see the film in cinemas, but this time in glorious 3D!"

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