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'Gravity Falls' Creator Alex Hirsch Developing Animated Project With Fox.

Fan fave Gravity Falls is about to come to an end- but as predicted by many it won't be the last we hear of creator Alex Hirsch. Since announcing his decision to end his series on his own terms after just two highly-rated, critically acclaimed seasons, Hirsch has reportedly been approached by numerous producers about developing new projects. And it seems that without too much hanging around he has decided to go with Fox.

Any details on the project are being kept under wraps for the time being. Hirsch told Variety (who broke the story) "I'm cooking up some brand-new weirdness".

With no concrete details there's plenty of room for some rampant speculation. Fox is an interesting choice as it's a whole different audience than you might expect to tune into Disney XD. In essence, it suggests the new series will be skewed somewhat older- and could run anywhere from the more general audience of, say The Simpsons, or the older more (allegedly) adult viewership of something like Family Guy. It could even (although we'd consider this more unlikely) air on FXX as part of the Animation Domination High-Def block.

Either way, it's a potentially smart move for Hirsch as Gravity Falls ultimately attracted a considerably older following than it's (presumably) intended audience. Fox has quite a rich history with adult animation- although that history is also littered with failures. Outside The Simpsons and Family Guy it's been harder for series to keep on the air. More recently however, Bob's Burgers has come along to buck this trend. Bear in mind this is not yet a sure thing- there's a chance that it will never get past a pilot- if it even gets that far. But we definitely wouldn't bet against any project with Alex Hirsch on board! We can't wait to hear more.

The final Gravity Falls episode Weirdmageddon III' is due to air in the US Monday, February 15th.