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First Image and Logo Released For Netflix 'Voltron' Revival

A little while back Netflix and DreamWorks Animation announced the extension of their content deal and announced a couple of new animated series not based on their movie franchises that would launch sometime in 2016. The first of these was a new fantasy series Trollhunters which comes from an idea by Guillermo del Toro. The second was a 're-imagining' of the 80's giant-robot anime classic Voltron. While animation fans eagerly await a first look at GDT's first foray into animated TV the first details of the latter project have been released online this week.

The big news is that the show's official title has been unveiled- Voltron : Legendary Defender. The first teaser poster has also been released (via Nerdist) that gives us our first (admittedly very vague) look at the new Voltron itself. The robot is shown only in silhouette but will likely look very familiar to fans of the classic incarnation. Even though this is very much a teaser, it looks close enough to the original that maybe some fans may be reassured.

The poster doesn't, however, show us any of the cast, or for that matter reveal in what style this would be animated. DWA are of course best known for their CG animation, but an increasing number of their TV series are actually being made in 2D. Will Voltron follow suit and pay homage to the original, or will it follow the previous US adaptation and take the series into three dimensions?

Right now we can only guess, and all other details- including a specific date we might expect it to hit Netflix- remain under wraps for now.