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Monthly 'Animation Grill' Event Coming to Cardiff

We're always thrilled to hear about exciting animation events that people in the community are able to make a reality. The forthcoming Animation Grill event, due to launch this month in Cardiff, Wales has to be one of the most intriguing we've heard of yet. The idea behind it is simple, but inspired. The Grill will be a place that animators can come together and show their work and receive instant feedback from fellow film-makers. It will also be a perfect opportunity for networking and making important contacts with other creatives in the area. 

Cardiff may not be the first place you think of when considering animation in the UK, but the city actually has quite a flourishing community, with the Grill the latest in a growing number of events in the Welsh capital.

"We've always been lucky in Wales to have a strong sense of community within the animation industry" says event organiser Gareth Cavanagh. "We have a proud history of award-winning and world-renowned animation studios and academic institutions as well as a raft of vibrant new companies generating exciting new projects in the medium of animation. Animation Grill seeks to encourage these professionals, students, hobbyists and animation-lovers to network and share the fruits of their personal labours with each other in a friendly environment of coffee, cake and constructive criticism.”

The event is free to take part and will take place at Cardiff venue Kin + Ilk. Interested parties need to register and decide whether they will be "grilling, being grilled or simply networking and eating cake". If you're screening your work, you'll need to bring something to show it off on- a laptop or tablet for example. The first event is scheduled for February 25th at 7pm.

This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for animators to get their work in front of like-minded individuals and get some constructive criticism, or just to see what fantastic work others have made. Most events focus on screening final work, so the opportunity to show work in progress is pretty rare. Also: there's cake and you can't argue with that.