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'Finding Dory' First Full Trailer Arrives

This summer Pixar takes us back into familiar waters, as Finding Dory swims into cinemas. The first teaser was actually just a clip from the film, but it served to remind audiences of the characters and world introduced in Finding Nemo. Now the first full-length trailer has arrived, giving us our first taste of the actual plot.

Although the title may suggest that this film would be a rehash of the first film with Nemo swapped for Dory, this isn't that simple. Rather than seeing Marlon and Nemo on a quest to find Dory, it is the forgetful female fish herself who is on a mission. As introduced in the first teaser, Dory starts to recall memories of her family, and so decides that it's time to find herself.

Dory's journey to discover her roots will introduce her to a whole lot of new places and a new cast of characters, some of whom the trailer gives us our first look at. Standouts include an octopus with a nifty line in camouflage and a friendly whale shark named Destiny (voiced by Kaitlin Olsen from the very un-Pixar It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia). This looks to be very much in the spirit of the first film, and will no doubt go on to be one of this year's biggest hits.

Finding Dory is once again directed by Andrew Stanton- this time joined by Angus MacLane, who makes his feature debut after helming a couple of Pixar shorts.  It will be released in the US on June 17th and in the UK July 29th. Check out the trailer below.